I am a 23 year old Licensed Esthetician living in Northern Indiana. I have always had a love for the beauty industry ever since I was a little girl making my own lip smackers. I became an Esthetician after dropping out of college because of my indecisiveness of picking a major. I started to get hormonal acne and realized that the skin care industry was where I wanted to put all of my energy. After 5 months at Esthetics school I got my license and currently work in a Salon and Day Spa. What a relief it is to finally love my job! After much research and trial and error I have found products that work for my skin type and have cleared my acne. I absolutely love treating skin, whether a client comes in for acne, wrinkles, etc. This blog was made to share my knowledge about what I have learned from being in the skin care and beauty industry!


Courtney ♥